Blockchain-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds put on a private blockchain and sold by the Robo-advisor

iZiing platform allows crypto holders to diversify investments through purchase of Blockchain Traded Funds (BTFs)

A BTF is the next generation of Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
put on a blockchain and to be sold for a crypto currency as well as fiat currencies.

An ETF trades like a common stock and tracks a basket of assets (stocks, commodities) through buying those assets physically or by buying derivatives.

As of August 2023, ETF funds hold ~$10.9 trn of assets and show 10yr CAGR of ~16.3%

88% of ETF assets are in USA+EU, with only 12% in developing countries.

iZiing have prepared the BTF concept to enter those untapped segments of the ETF market by:

1) Robo-advisors – natural extension of BTF concept – will
construct personal investment portfolios using the best investment practices.

2) Storing accounts on private iZiing Blockchain with many node
holders shall embed trust in the records of ownership of BTFs.

Given strength of incumbents (notably, big western banks and asset managers ) in their domestic markets that will fiercely defend their multi-billion business, we see good opportunity to start building this infrastructure outside developed markets and focus distribution on emerging markets (BRICS and etc.).

Advantages of BTFs

Cheaper infrastructure
Easy integration with crypto-currency infrastructure to make investments in traditional financial assets
Easy export of robo-advisory solutions to countries with relatively undeveloped financial markets (primarily Asia)

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