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Blockchain-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds put on a private blockchain and sold by the Robo-advisor
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Stage 1
(Soft cap)

Stage 2


Stage 3
(Hard cap)

iZiing platform allows crypto holders to diversify investments through purchase of Blockchain Traded Funds (BTFs)

A BTF is the next generation of Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
put on a blockchain and to be sold for a crypto currency as well as fiat currencies.

An ETF trades like a common stock and tracks a basket of assets (stocks, commodities) through buying those assets physically or by buying derivatives.

As of August 2017, ETF funds hold ~$4trn of assets and show 5yr CAGR of ~15%, that is 20 times more than total crypto market.

88% of ETF assets are in USA+EU, with only 12% in developing countries.

iZiing have prepared the BTF concept to enter those untapped segments of the ETF market by:

1) Robo-advisors – natural extension of BTF concept – will
construct personal investment portfolios using the best investment practices.

2) Storing accounts on private iZiing Blockchain with many node
holders shall embed trust in the records of ownership of BTFs.

Advantages of BTFs

Cheaper infrastructure
Easy integration with crypto-currency infrastructure to make investments in traditional financial assets
Easy export of robo-advisory solutions to countries with relatively undeveloped financial markets (primarily Asia)
We are launching an ICO to distribute the iZiing Blockchain nodes and to collect funds for the development and marketing of the iZiing platform

ICO goals

Stage 1 (Soft cap)

2018 — The launch of iZiing Platform with private iZiing Blockchain as a basis and 10 BTFs – requires minimum 5 mln USD of funding

Stage 2

2019  — The launch of B2B2C Robo-advisor solution on top of working iZiing Platform for investors in Asian countries (notably China, Japan, Korea) and other developing markets – requires another 10 mln USD (total of 15 mln USD)

Stage 3 (Hard cap)

To outrun our competitors we must be quick and expand operations to many countries. Extensive growth of partner network, user base and BTFs for wide spectrum of assets requires additional 15 mln USD (total of 30 mln USD)

Maximum number of IZG tokens is 70 million
Crowdsale (Pre-ICO and ICO)
Bounty Fund
Community Development Fund (CDF)
Market-Makers Fund (MMF)
Network Development Fund (NDF)
New Hires

iZiing Pre-ICO
Starts in December 2017 offering 40% discount
Pre-ICO price for 1 IZG token is 0,66 USD
Pre-ICO hardcap is 0,5 Mln USD

iZiing ICO
Start price of 1 IZG token is 0,77 USD (30% discount)
End price is 1,10 USD
ICO softcap is 5 Mln USD
ICO hardcap is 30 Mln USD

Become the node owner in the private iZiing Blockchain!
All participants of the iZiing crowdsale may become the node holders in the private iZiing Blockchain
The node owners will be entitled to earn up to 70% of trading commissions generated by the iZiing Platform in the form of transaction commissions, please refer to Whitepaper for details


The Team includes specialists in  various fields with a unique experience  in solving technological, legal and  business issues related to ETFs and robo-advising. Proven track record of successful launch of ETFS and Robo-adviser on Emerging markets

Evgeny Kovalishin, CEO
Responsible for strategic business development. 18+ years in the global financial sector. Successful experience in VC and PE investments. MBA Chicago Booth.
Victoria Shelyagova, CMO
Responsible for strategic branding and public relations. 4+ years in the promotion of brand-new products, tech innovations, start-ups. Passionate enthusiast for digital economy and emerging IoT projects.
Konstantin Khromov, CTO
- Ph. D. In Theoretical Science - Deep expertise in algorithms of data processing & cryptography


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